Just realized that very big characters are awful for taking pictures, as the camera angle is set way too high, so all you see when you zoom in, is boobs and face…

Looks like someone has to make a hard choice now…

Divinity’s Reach The last bastion of human glory [x]

 There's no place like home





they actually removed garthering nodes from the 1-15 zones


what the actual fucking fuck anet

O noes the potatoes!

I guess Anet thinks casuals have the brain capacity of a walnut and gathering is too complicated. I was really annoyed they removed crops watering and cow feeding like THAT WAS THE MOST FUN I’VE HAD WHEN I WAS NEWB, WHY??

are u fukin kidding me lmao o m g 

Gathering nodes are still there. I’m in the middle of gathering my potatoes in Plains of Ashford right now when I write that. Seems only level 1-5 areas in starting zones have gone through retardation process.


i love losing followers. go you weaklings. you will never survive the winter

More than losing followers, it amuse me how people are so hungry to get them. Whenever I see “follower for follower” it makes me wonder. What. is. the. point?
Is it some sort of sexual deviation about that magical number on the right of your dashboard? Is it a contest of who can make the biggest “followers give away”? Do you eat followers for breakfast?*

Otherwise, in most cases, you just end up as someone on the list of someone who is probably following hundreds of people and most likely will never visit your blog again. (╯゜-゜)╯︵ ┻━┻

I really appreciate every single person that decides to click that “follow” button next to my posts** (even those fake accounts xD), but at the same time, I’m quite realistic about it, because I realize that many of them just saw *a fancy screenie* somewhere on a dashboard. But out of that big and shiny number we tend to drool so much about, only just few people really keep an eye on you and your posts.

I guess everyone look at it their own way and have their own reason of why they seek followers, cry over them or curse them when they leave. What I do know for myself though - more than showing up on many people’s dashboards out there among all tons of other stuff, I just enjoy and cherish those few of you that really do pay attention to me. And I wouldn’t mind if my followers list narrowed down just to these few tumblr users (even if it’s going to end up being 5 or 6 *high hopes* xD). I know there are some people that don’t even have tumblr account, but they still visit me. That’s the real precious thing for me.

*Is it some mysterious ingredient that fuels your car for free?o.O
**I visit more blogs than I follow. Just because I didn’t follow *you*, it doesn’t mean I don’t give attention to your posts. I do it this way, because some of you out there reblog tons of stuff daily. I’m scared that I would lose track on the dashboard, since I’m slow >.>. I also try do keep on tracking tags ( gw2 tags and then further- ArcheAge, Aion, Tera, Sims 4 and few others ). Just thought I should note that as well :)

Anonymous sent: Is that gif with the post you made about people beating the wall in WvW a gif of Noel Fielding i got into an argument with a friend of mine over this last night our relationship hinges on your answer

I’m afraid not :). It’s Arthur V. Johnson and he’s dead for quite some time. The movie is from 1909 year. It’s called The Sealed Room . I hope that saves your relationship ;).

Dry Top - Sandstorm


why isnt my character this cute? damnit!! what fucking armor is that??? T.T

That armor is the default light armor you start with, when making a new character x’D.
I miss old Lion’s Arch

I miss old Lion’s Arch

People trying to auto-attack the wall in WvW


What gear is that? 

Rampart Warplate and Gauntlets, Vigil bottom and Braham’s boots
[&AgGp+QAA] [&AgEA+gAA] [&AgHGFAAA] [&AgGZqAAA]


Song: Seether - Forsaken

Amazing edits as well as Skyrim pictures. This blog should definitely get more attention

hey girl.


hey girl.


You don’t need them, but you hoard them. And this is precisely why you have a full stack in your bank by level 52.

What can I say…