Trying to get around to finish all those edits started weeks ago - end up staring at .psd files for hours without pushing it any forward.

I’m a lost cause ⊙‿☉

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For the past 2 days I gained 5 or 6 more followers , all of their blogs are full of wedding dresses, quotes and much more Wedding stuff.
Am I supposed to get the message or what ? x_X

And yes, I doo think these accounts are somewhat fake. But why target me and for what purpose?

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East End Falls
Old picture… Full Res

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Seriously Fae, is Archeage any good?

I mean, this does give me a good impression but what’s it really like? I love the idea of a total sandbox, but are they making claims the game can’t cash?

Well what can I say, when I barely touched it :P. When you first launch the game, it smells of some cheap Asian MMO, that you can find tons of it around. But I think it’s not worth making such conclusion, just from this one feeling and give it a go. I guess it makes me think this way after playing GW2 ( that feels more polished compared to AA ). I’d say it is a truly Sandbox though and for this sole reason, it’s worth a try. But I wouldn’t suggest playing it without patron status…. F2P seems very limited for a dedicated player.
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I’m not even sorry xD

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Is farming BL keys with the Key farming character really profitable these days?

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Thanemor, still a sapling.
He has no glow.

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It seems like in few years or so, I’m going to get brainwashed by my nature and crave for my own child, even though I never wanted children, didn’t like children and both me and my partner do not plan to have kids. But no, I don’t know what I’m talking about and I’m going to “eat my own words” once I’ll hit 30, as I’ll have this “biological clock” pressure. This is kind of bullshit that makes me want to meet new people less and less.

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Made this in 2013, the entire video is made up of screenshots, one of the character in animation, the other invisible. I then masked around the character in animation and using the puppet tool in After Effects animated movements simulating super slow motion. Particle systems were used to animate, fire and dust and distortion effects were used to animate the clouds and waterfalls.

[Submitted by jamespb]

This is worth every attention.

Still my favorite

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Anonymous asked: "I think your Gw2 character is beautiful along with your blog. I've also noticed you have The Bifrost! I'm going for it, and the scariest part seems to be the precursor. Was it randomly dropped or did you farm the gold and buy it yourself? If you farmed the gold, do you have any tips for someone in need? :)"

Thanks for a nice Comment =).  I was lucky with my precursor, since I managed to forge it from 4 rare staves, though it doesn’t mean I did not poured some gold into that ( it was well above 1k rare staves, that went down in MF ). But in general, I don’t think playing it risky is good enough to get precursor. If that is your first legendary and you really want it, you should just farm Gold and buy it on Trading Post, otherwise you might end up really bitter after spending all your money on the Mystic Forge and get nothing from it. I still gamble either with rares or with exotics and so far I managed to get Moot and Sunrise precursor from it. I’d say, not worth it, but it’s just a game, I don’t need anything urgently, so I gamble anyway haha.

As for farming gold, I’d just spam Dungeons. That’s the most efficient and guaranteed way to earn gold I find, without any gambling, opening Champ chests or playing with Trading Post. Also flipping karma for linen/wool might be some extra money for your right there. 

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Why do people reblog their own picture-posts?
I’m not talking about reblogging your own stuff, because you want to share some extra note about your previous post, but the kind of reblog where you just repost the same thing again, without anything else. It’s an honest question, because I don’t quite get it. Have a nice day

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